Case Study: Fantastic Services partners with Indeez for franchisee insurance.

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How Mediflash, a leading platform for independent caregivers, partnered with Indeez to provide comprehensive insurance coverage, ensuring the well-being of caregivers and protecting their platform’s reputation.

Key Benefit

Mediflash allows caregivers to work as self-employed professionals in healthcare facilities, but with comprehensive insurance coverage.

The Challenge

Self-employed caregivers often find themselves without adequate insurance coverage during their missions due to the unregulated nature of their profession. The absence of coverage poses a double risk:

1. To the caregivers, who can be held liable for whatever damage they might accidentally cause during a mission or risk losing their income if they are not able to work due to a work accident.

2. To the platform connecting the caregivers to the assignments. Any accident – big or small – that happens during a mission can be a stress factor for a caregiver and can pose a reputation risk for the platform, affecting their business.

The Solution

Mediflash, one of the top platforms for independent caregivers in France, was looking for a partner with expertise in platform work protection and plug & play technology. Their priority here was to safeguard the well-being of the caregivers. Challenge accepted! At Indeez, our insurance expertise and proprietary tech allowed us to propose comprehensive double protection for all caregivers registered on the platform to bridge the insurance gap.

Public Liability

Having taken into account the needs of Mediflash, we developed a product well-adjusted to the purpose, facilitating the protection of both the caregivers and their patients. The introduction of public liability insurance not only met regulatory checks but also bolstered the platform’s reputation, ensuring comprehensive protection for all caregivers during their missions.

Work Accident

Going a step further to fortify the caregivers’ well-being, one year after the start of our collaboration, we worked together with Mediflash to introduce an additional insurance product to their community. The work accident cover offers income protection to the caregiver or their family in the unfortunate event of an accident during a mission facilitated by Mediflash.

Mediflash cares. Facilitating the protection of both the caregivers and their patients shows just how deeply committed they are to their mission to create a safe working environment. Moreover, this approach has helped the caregivers book more missions as the additional protection allows them to work with bigger hospitals where having insurance is a mandatory requirement. An extra cherry on top of the cake is that this approach helps Mediflash attract new talent and retain its current community. Mediflash has become a platform of choice for caregivers.

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