Click&Care partners with Indeez to protect their community.

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Click&Care partners with Indeez to build embedded insurance to protect their caregivers.

The Challenge.

Independent caregivers usually lack proper insurance protections, posing risks to both the platform and the caregivers—who face liability and income loss due to accidents. Addressing this issue is pivotal in ensuring the sustainability and growth of independent caregivers’ work and the platforms they rely on.

The Solution.

Click&Care, a leading platform for freelance caregivers, sought a partner with expertise in safeguarding platform workers and offering hassle-free solutions—their top priority: caregiver well-being. We at Indeez took the challenge! Our insurance knowledge and innovative embedded insurance technology allowed us to create comprehensive double protection for Click&Care caregivers.

Professional Liability

Tailored specifically to Click&Care’s requirements, we developed a bespoke embedded insurance product to protect caregivers in case of malpractice resulting in damage to a customer. This liability coverage strengthens the platform’s image, guaranteeing complete protection with no extra charge for all caregivers during assignments received through the platform.

Work Accident and Sickness

To support independent workers’ well-being, we teamed up with Click&Care a year later to offer extra insurance, covering caregivers’ income in case of an accident during a mission.

Click&Care’s commitment to protecting and empowering its community has led to a significant increase in mission bookings. With embedded protections, caregivers can now secure assignments from larger hospitals that mandate insurance. This achievement highlights Click&Care’s success in attracting new caregivers and retaining existing ones, solidifying its position as the preferred choice for freelance caregivers.

Here’s what our client has to say about this partnership :

“Our partnership with Indeez aligns with my ambition to better value the caregivers who work for our customers. In the context of shortage in these professions, the Click&Care team works every day to offer the best conditions to our caregivers. Even if this obviously represents a cost, it’s important for me to be able to protect them in the event of a setback. Thanks to this type of project, we manage to attract the best profiles to ensure quality services for our clients.”

Dr. Lina Bougrini  
MD, Founder and CEO of Click&Care

Here’s what our CEO has to say about this partnership : 

“Our partnership with Click&Care to build embedded insurance to protect their caregivers is part of our ongoing commitment to empower independent workers. The insurance program with Click & Care provides trust and peace of mind for caregivers allowing them to deliver exceptional care. We are proud to support Dr Lina and Click&Care teams, in their mission to create a safer and more sustainable environment for freelance caregivers. Thanks you for your trust and partnership”

Vikas Chhariya
Founder and CEO of Indeez 

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